Dance Styles

Which dance class is the right one for you?

To be classically trained is an advantage in the dance industry.

Classical ballet is the foundation of dance technique, various forms & styles of dance.
To be successful at any other dance style it is essential to have solid grounding & good classical ballet technique.

DWA offers the following dance classes

Sing along with mum

Creative movement, basic coordination skills, basic sing along with actions
From 12month – 2 years of age. Toilet trained is not required.

Baby Ballet

Creative movement, basic coordination skills, basic Classical Ballet poses’
From 2 – 4 years of age. Toilet trained is preferred.

Boppin Tots – Jazz From 2yrs of age

Today’s Jazz Dance techniques–fun sing along songs such as Wiggles & High 5. Toilet trained is preferred.

Pre – School Ballet From 3yrs of age ( RAD Exam Levels 1 & 2)

From 3yrs of age. Toilet trained is required.

Classical Ballet – Royal Academy of Dance Curriculum

From 5yrs of age.

Ballet Classes are structured to suit the needs of individual students. To introduce children to the world of classical ballet through a structured, non-competitive class environment.

All children must be in uniform for class & toilet trained. Your child is expected to attend dance class without a parent inside the dance studio.

Develops students’ physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression & musicality.

Provides a strong foundation for  ballet. With a focus on the development of excellent dance technique, the knowledge & skills gained through successful completion of grades provides a progression to vocational levels. Students showing competency will attempt the relevant RAD exam under the direction of the principal.

A high level of classical  ballet tuition for students who have successfully completed RAD Grade 5.  Pointe work is introduced after a Pre-Pointe assessment.

At this stage students may choose to enter the Vocational Graded Pathway which prepares them for a career in dance. Ms Naomi Bishop .A.R.A.D holds the DWA Registered Teacher Status.

Class structure Incorporates Classical / Free movement & Character work.

Exams are recommended only when students are competent. The Principal reserves the right to choose when to enter students for examination.

Ballet is a specific art form of dance technique, which is taught in many dance schools. Works choreographed using this technique are called Ballets, usually include dance , mime, acting & music (usually orchestral but occasionally vocal). Ballet is best known for its unique features and techniques, such as Pointe Work, turn –out of the legs and high extensions; its graceful, flowing , precise movements & its ethereal qualities.

G.W.T Tap Dance

Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus Exams available. Danced to funky music Black Tap Shoes. The latest Tap Dog Funk Style. Introduces children to the world of tap dance through a non-competitive class environment.

All children must be in uniform for class & toilet trained. Your child is expected to attend dance class without  a parent inside the dance studio. In these classes students get started on their adventure with tap dance by learning basic steps, barre activities & combinations each containing steps & routines.

Learn to be smooth, rhythmical & a remarkable tap dancer! A fun tap dancing class open to all ages & abilities. Students showing competency will sit the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus exam, under the direction of the principal.

Modern Expressive & or Contemporary Dance

“Neo, classical techniques, American lyrical dance skills, creative expressive
movement and music. Contemporary is an expressionist form of dance
without boundaries” – techniques Martha Graham , Jazz & Ballet.

Todays Dance – Jazz Funk Hip Hop

JFH classes are encouraged to also enroll in a dance skill class being a 2nd class (Ballet). The emphasis of this class is on fun & fitness. A range of dance styles will be taught including Jazz Dance, Lyrical,  Acrobatics , Musical theatre &Hip Hop .

 Jazz Dance

Incorporates latest Jazz Dance Moves and some of the old ones too, combined with technique, strength, flexibility & balance. A  Jazz routine incorporates stylized dance movements and combinations, formation changes, group work leaps and turns. Emphasis is placed on proper technical execution, extension, control body placement and team uniformity.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop replaced 90’s Funk Style. Hip hop is the current up to date style
seen in rap video hits film clips inspired by the likes of Missy , Hip Hop , Rap ,
BEP & JT. Routines emphasize the street style movements  on execution style,
creativity, body isolation’s and control and rhythm, uniformity and musical interpretation.

Groups may also put an additional focus on athletic skills , incorporating jumps , jump variations , combo jumps & other ACROBATICS tricks.

Acrobatics – Gymnastic & Dance techniques.

Appropriate stretch and strength warm up and preparation for acrobatics Leg and body stretches necessary for acrobatics, Wrist and shoulder stretches, Core body strength exercises, Arm strength exercise, falling, catching, lifting & spotting techniques, how to hold yourself when being lifted, work within a group safely. Mats provided.

Musical Theatre

See in Musical Theatre productions such as “Fame” “Chicago“ Jazz dance technique.
DRAMA, SONG & DANCE I.e. Musical Productions & or Movies. Fame, Billy Elliot, Wicked, Grease, Sound of Music, Little Shop of Horrors, Studio 54, Wizard of OZ.


Acting, theatre & stage knowledge & skills, character/monologues, vocal projection, blocking & spacing, theatre, stage and TV industry knowledge & skills.

Solos, Duo & Trios

Prerequisites: students must enrol in a minimum of three dance classes including Classical Ballet. Private Lessons to be maintained as a weekly commitment in order to establish technique to compete in a competitive environment.

Private Lessons

Must be in Classical Ballet uniform attire. Any students wanting to enter in a local eisteddfod & or exams please discuss as early as possible Teaching studies or considering a career in dance. Preparation is the key!

Private Lessons are highly sought after and limited spaces are available, therefore we have a cancellation policy.

Body Conditioning

Consists of Pilates, Yoga exercise, stretch & strengthening exercises. This class does not incorporate a routine and is not included in the Annual Concert. A variety of mums and teenagers attending on a casual basis.